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Sugarcraft Cutters

Sugarcraft Cutters

Sugarcraft cutters are a fantastic product. They have brought a whole new dimension to sugarcraft and cake decorating, with fabulous designs to fit all sorts of occasions from Christmas to Christening; from Fairies to Football.

Now you can easily produce intricate designs, bursting with detail, depth and character. These cutters are also great value for money as they can be used again and again. You can also create your own combinations by using different elements from different cutters to give you something unique making them perfect for creative sugarcraft.

So what can you use patchwork cutters with? What is recommended? By far the best product to use is Mexican paste which is ultra fine and less stretchy than traditional flower and petal pastes. You can use flower paste but it's advisable to leave it to lose some of its elasticity first. Mexican paste can be coloured prior to use and you can enhance your designs further by dusting them with blossom tints and lustre dusts.

To use your Patchwork cutters roll out the Mexican paste very, very thinly on a non-stick surface, don't use cornflower, instead use a suitable white vegetable fat like Trex which you can pick up in your local supermarket. To help the cutter release, rub a little white fat on to the cutting edges too.