Icing Your Cookies

There is a great choice icings to decorate your cookies, choosing which way is dependant on many factors, mainly time available, ability and the desired finished result.

Royal Icing

This is a classic form of icing which dries hard so you can draw, paint and decorate your cakes and cookies with ease. Its range of uses highlights its versatility. It can be smoothed on to a cake to provide a perfectly flat base for decorating or pulled into peaks or swished into swirls. It is also perfect for piping. Royal Icing is also great for storage as the hard finish it provides allows you to stack or freeze your cookies. This is a super time saver. If you are thinking of cake or cookie decoration as a profession, say doing Cookie Couture, or doing a Kids Cookie Party, this will enable you to have stocks in reserve for your busier times and to plan in advance.

Royal icing is also very forgiving; we do recommend that you experiment with colour and consistency. It also dries quite quickly which has obvious benefits but it also means that it can be prone to crystallising. After preparing a batch cover well, not across the top of the bowl like we do for other mixtures, lay the cling film over the top of the icing to provide an airtight seal.

When decorating your Cakes and Cookies it is advisable to use our Icing Bag Stand. This specially designed stand holds your icing bags upright. At the base of the stand there is a sponge which you dampen. This is where the nozzle tip rests, and it prevents the icing from drying and crystallising. It's an excellent tool for staying ready to work, clean and organised.

For added convenience we stock Royal Icing ready for you to make up when you need it.

Glace Icing

One of the most popular designs with Glace Icing is Feather Icing. It normally involves 2 simple colours of icing, usually using white as the foundation colour. Simply cover the cake in the white Glace Icing and then quickly pipe lines or the complimenting coloured Glace Icing at even intervals over the cake.

Using a cocktail stick draw backwards and forwards through the icing across the lines to create the feather affect.

This is the most simple of all the sugar icings. Quick to make, with only two fundamental ingredients, it's wonderfully forgiving. Like Royal icing it can be coloured with simple Food Colourings and can be flavoured as you desire. Unlike Royal icing it takes around 30 minutes to dry depending on the consistency of your mixture, and does not dry rock hard. It is easy to use and is excellent for drizzling, icing and decorating your cakes and cookies. It is perfect for using with our icing bottles and ideal for children.