How much Sugarpaste do I need to cover a cake?

If you’re decorating a cake and covering it with sugarpaste or rolled fondant and you’re wondering “how much sugarpaste do I need to cover a cake?” then the table below will show you how much sugarpaste you’ll need. Use this handy guide to help you cover your cake successfully.
For more information on working with Sugarpaste please see How to use Sugarpaste.

Heart & Round Square
Dimension Sugarpaste Needed Dimension Sugarpaste Needed
6″ – 7″ 500g 6″ 500g
8″ 750g 7″ 750g
9″ 1kg 8″ 1kg
10″ 1.25kg 9″ 1.25kg
11″ 1.5kg 10″ 1.5kg
12″ 1.75kg 11″ 1.75kg
12″ 2kg