Sugarflair Food Colourings

Sugarflair Food Colourings

This beautiful range of paste comes in a huge range of colours and can be used to colour Fondant, Rolled Icing, Sugarpaste, Buttercream, Glace Icing, Fondant Icing, Royal Icing, Run Out & Extension Icing, flower Paste, Mexican Paste and Marzipan.

They are a vivid and pure colour, that can be blended together to vary the finished shade.
You can also control the level of colour or the tone by using varying amounts. So to produce a pale colour use only a little; to create a strong colour use more; it’s very simple!

As we advise to use sparingly, a cocktail stick can often be a great way to introduce small amounts into your icing etc as once you've added the colouring you can't take it out!

All Sugarflair colourings are Nut Free, Gluten Free, GMO Free and Fat Free. Suitable for Vegetarians and Kosher approved by Kedassia.
Sugarflair is a UK food colouring manufacturer.

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