Flower Paste and Mexican Paste

Flower Paste is a specially formulated type of sugarpaste developed to be the ideal medium for creating detailed pieces such as Sugar flowers. There are many brand names associated to Flower paste and can be referred to in sugarcraft books as Gum Paste and Petal Paste.

Its special qualities enable it to be rolled out very finely and to dry very hard and it has special elastic properties which enable it to cup and curve well for the shape of petals without tearing. All of its unique qualities make it very versatile for creating other detailed cake decorations.

It is a popular medium amongst sugarcraft professionals creating handmade flowers and leaves for wedding cakes and celebration cakes.

Mexican Paste is a traditional paste that has excellent qualities for general sugar modelling. Use to create shapes, figures, plaques and lettering. Mexican Paste is also the recommended medium for using with our range of Patchwork Cutters.

With both of these pastes you can use our range of Sugarflair Food Colourings to alter the colour or alternatively you can inter-mix with other colours within the range to achieve the exact shade you require.

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