simnel cake

Traditional Easter Simnel Cake Recipe

This traditional easter simnel cake recipe is rich in fruit, spices and marzipan. Its consumption signifies the end of Lent. It is a symbolic cake, with marzipan balls representing the disciples, and, in some instances, an extra marzipan ball in the centre of the cake represents Christ too.
Let’s start with the topping (no, it’s not an upside down cake, it’s just nice to get this part done first!):
choco cola cake

Chocolate Coke Cake Recipe

Need your fix? Ever considered getting it in cake form?
Hah! Got you! Well…some of you, anyway. Don’t worry – it’s the cola variety I’m talking about.This Chocolate Coke Cake recipe was popular in the eighties, and so, as it is with fashion, cakes can make a come-back too.
It may sound a bit weird, but it’s an easy cake with a retro feel. Give it a bash!
freshly baked Christmas fruit cake

Quick Christmas Cake? Afraid not…

When it comes to something as traditional as Christmas cake, short cuts aren’t recommended. The trick to preparing this ultra-moist Christmas cake is patience (a virtue, I hear). It must be made over two days (yes, you read right).
The first day will allow the fruit to become totally tipsy (and what would a Christmas cake be if not tipsy)! The second day will see to the actual baking. It’s worth the wait, so seeing as Christmas isn’t exactly sprung upon us every year without fair warning, plan ahead and try this two-day baking adventure…you won’t regret it!


Chocolate Fudge Cake Recipe

Don’t be scared to attempt a layered chocolate fudge cake with this recipe – it’s not as difficult as it looks. Plus, as a huge bonus, your guests will think you’ve become a master baker! This is the kind of chocolate fudge cake recipe that screams: “I’m a proper cake, layered and iced and everything…and with chocolate in every layer, how can you resist me?”

Chocolate and Coffee Cake Recipe

No, not Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Chocolate and Coffee. Two of the best indulgences ever. World renowned and, indeed, worshipped.
Now, whilst many people claim to have the ‘best’ Chocolate and Coffee Cake Recipe, those that exclude coffee are already pipped at the post. The chocolate-coffee combination is truly wonderfully rich and joyful – a match made in heaven.
With that, I give you the recipe for an old friendship…


Carrot Cake Recipe

I remember all those years ago when I first heard about a cake with carrots in it. Really? Carrots? I cast a suspicious eye over this vegetable cake and decided it wasn’t to be trusted. If I remember correctly, it took the best part of a year to pluck up the courage to taste it (not an adventurous eater, you may gather). Well, stubborn as a mule, I pronounced it ‘edible’. In truth, my taste buds were doing somersaults with pure delight. Things haven’t changed much; carrot cake remains one of my all-time favourites, an easy-to-eat treat for anytime of the day. The bonus? It’s really not that bad for you if you go easy on the icing!


Buttermilk Blueberry Muffin Recipe

You can’t beat (excuse the pun) a good, old-fashioned Buttermilk Blueberry Muffin Recipe. Breakfast, teatime or anytime snack. And there’s that special something about berries that evokes thoughts of the farm and all the goodness associated with wholesome baking.This simple Buttermilk Blueberry Muffin Recipe will earn you the title of homemaker extraordinaire!


Apple Tart Recipe

Easier-than-you-think apple tart.
You know those perfect-looking apple tart, with apple slices lined up so precisely that you think “life’s too short for that”? Well, with this apple tart recipe, you too can turn out a professional-looking (and tasting) apple tart. Once you’ve convinced yourself that you can make pastry, it will be a doddle. So haul out the food processor, line up your ingredients and follow this apple tart recipe for the perfect apple tart…


Angel Food Cake Recipe

Food from the angels…
What can one say about this Angel Food Cake recipe? It’s a classic; a crowd-pleaser and a safe bet in terms of taste. Perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. Perfect in the morning and perfect in the afternoon. Not too rich and blissfully light.


Almond Biscotti Recipe

The traditional ‘dunking’ Italian biscuit, biscotti are a popular choice worldwide. They can be dipped in coffee or sweet wine, and will not disintegrate into a soggy mess! In addition, the Almond Biscotti recipe is really versatile, so you can use any combination of nuts and dried fruits that you fancy or happen to have in the cupboard. Hazelnuts work well; so do cranberries and pistachios. They also make great gifts – pop a few in a cellophane packet, tie with a nice ribbon and you have a gift that’s as nice to give as to receive.